Business Registration and Construction Licence


ICF supported the Government of Burkina Faso's efforts to improve business registration, as well as simplify the application process for construction permits.

One-stop shops for business registration and licensing known as Centres de Formalités des Entreprises (CEFORE), and similar one-stop shops for construction permits know as Centres de Formalités des Actes de Construire (CEFAC) were established that have been very successful in reducing the costs and delays.

Between 2008 and 2010, the number of procedures needed to register a business has been reduced from six to four, taking three days instead of 18 and costing US$106 instead of US$350. For construction permits, the number of procedures has been reduced from 32 to 15, taking 19 days instead of 226 and costing US$480 instead of US$2,270.

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