Rwanda Energy and Power Sector in Rwanda


Priority Areas:

ICF worked with the Government of Rwanda to strengthen the Government’s ability to bid, contract and negotiate with the private sector in order to reach fair and beneficial terms and conditions on power generation projects.  The project built both human and institutional capacity to manage, procure, negotiate, monitor and implement energy sector projects in all sector relevant institutions.  

A total of 262 Rwandans in the energy sector and 50 graduate engineering students were trained, enhancing the capacity of the Ministry of Infrastructure and related energy institutions. Training was provided in the areas of tariff setting and financial modelling, hydropower plant maintenance, contract negotiation and management, and Geographical Information Systems. 

Several strategic studies were completed with policy and practical implications. These include the Electricity Access Study, the Electricity Tariff Study, the Geothermal Development Study, and the Hydropower Strategy. A Lake Kivu monitoring team was established to monitor methane stability and do surveillance of the Lake Kivu ecosystem parameters. It has also developed an institutional framework for the bilateral management of the methane resource.

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