Land Registration System


ICF has completed a project that has supported the Government of Burkina Faso's efforts to improve land registration, and simplify the application process for construction permits. Effective land registration provides land owners with property rights, security and access to credit, and is particularly important for SMEs. Due to red tape, high costs and long delays, only 5,100 land titles had been registered in Burkina Faso in the last 74 years.

To improve the situation, the Government adopted an action plan that aims to simplify procedures for registering a land title and reduce associated delays and costs. The establishment of a one stop shop for land registration is believed to be the first of its kind in the sub-region. Since its introduction, the process of transferring property has also speeded up by 88%, taking 21 days in 2010 instead of 182 days in 2008, using five procedures instead of eight and costing 50% less for residential land at US$3,677 instead of US$7,354 and 64% less for industrial land at US$8,812 instead of US$24,477.

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