Modernization of the Judiciary: Phase I and II


ICF worked with the Government of Zambia to modernise its Judiciary. The project aimed to introduce a modern information management system in order to reduce the time it takes to resolve a case, improve security and access to case files, increase transparency, and reduce the backlog of pending cases.

As a result of the project, 13 Registries (5 in Lusaka, 4 each in Kitwe and Ndola) were modernized with electronic case and record management systems that have enabled the digitisation of over 10,000 court records, eliminating instances of record misplacements. Additionally, 10 courtrooms (6 in Lusaka, 2 each in Kitwe and Ndola) were computerised with real time digital transcription and audio backup. This enables court reporters to capture court proceedings and transmit them on screens in the courtroom so that everyone in the courtroom can see what is written. Transcripts of proceedings can then be made available soon after the court session.

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