Modernization of Customs Authority


Priority Areas:

ICF worked with the Government of Senegal to modernise the Customs Authority in order to reduce the time and cost for custom declaration and release of goods. The project streamlined, automated and digitized the customs clearance processes, and integrated the customs clearance system into a common electronic trade data platform. It also introduced a new regulatory and administrative framework for the automated and digitalized custom clearance procedures.  

As a result of the project, registration for customs declaration now only takes 15 minutes instead of the previous 2 days. The processing of customs clearance has been reduced from 18 days to 1 day and the processing of goods removal was reduced from 3 days to 2 days.

The project has enabled all the main Customs offices to now operate on GAINDE’s common electronic trade data platform. These are: Dakar Port Nord, Dakar Port Sud, Dakar Petrole, Dakar Airport and five secondary Customs Offices. All together, they process more than 90% of customs declarations in Senegal. 100% of the customs declarations are registered within the system.

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