01 dezembro 2016

For the past nine years, ICF had one goal – to work with African governments and the private sector to improve the investment climate in Africa. Now, nine years later, we have successfully completed this mandate and will therefore close at the end of December 2016. Ler mais »
30 novembro 2016

When ICF was started in 2007, business faced real challenges when trying to operate in Africa. Despite the increased awareness among international business communities of the investment potential that African countries had to offer, much cynicism remained about whether things will ever really change in Africa. It was therefore fundamental to further enable business, as a means of creating wealth, employment and opportunities, ultimately resulting in better livelihoods and the increased well-being of communities across the continent. Ler mais »
30 novembro 2016

Our journey to deliver over 70 projects over the past nine years of operations has yielded a rich vein of learning experiences for ICF and our partners and we feel strongly that we have a responsibility not just to report on what we’ve delivered but also to reflect on how we have delivered it. Ler mais »
23 novembro 2016

The South African Municipal Capacity Development Project has successfully come to an end. Funded by ICF, Anglo American South Africa and the Government of South Africa, the project aimed to improve the service delivery performance of five municipalities to make them more attractive for doing business. The project was implemented by the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA). Ler mais »
23 novembro 2016

The Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) has launched its upgraded One Stop Centre for investment promotion. Funded by ICF and TIC, the upgraded Centre will boost TIC’s role of encouraging, promoting and facilitating investment in Tanzania. Ler mais »
31 outubro 2016

Since its establishment, ICF has been able to build a diverse project portfolio by working with multiple African governments and various regional organizations. In just nine years, ICF’s unique approach has attracted an unprecedented number of projects that have delivered real results for African businesses. Ler mais »
31 outubro 2016

In Burkina Faso ICF assisted in establishing an electronic single window to speed up the clearance of goods at customs. As a result, pre-clearance processing has been reduced from 15 days to three days. This trade facilitation project integrated seven government agencies, five private sector agencies, 10 commercial banks and five insurance firms. The number of documents required for imports has been reduced now to only seven compared to the former 10, and only three documents are needed for exports. Ler mais »
07 outubro 2016

The ICF-funded Seychelles Financial and Regulatory Capacity Support project has come to an end. Implemented since August 2015, the project sought to increase the ability of the Seychelles Government to diversify the financial services sector in the country and provide better regulation and oversight within the sector. Ler mais »
03 outubro 2016

When the Government of Burkina Faso decided to reform and improve its business environment in the latter half of the 2000s, it embarked on a comprehensive and transformational mission. Three decades of sometimes overreaching and rigid government had left the country with an opaque, confusing and arbitrary bureaucratic system wholly unfavorable to both business and Burkinabés. Ler mais »
03 outubro 2016

Africa has always been a continent with significant investment potential. When ICF was conceived in 2005 at the G8 Summit in Gleneagles, businesses faced real challenges when it came to operating in Africa, primarily as a result of weak infrastructure and a discouraging investment climate. Since 2007 ICF has been involved in various projects with an aim to improve and change the investment climate in Africa. Our 2016 Completion Report gives an overview of the challenges that were addressed and the successes that were achieved in the past nine years of ICF operations. Ler mais »
09 setembro 2016

Implemented between 2007 and 2016, these initiatives are making it possible for businesses to register, pay their taxes, solve commercial disputes, clear goods through customs, and so much more, in a quick, simple and transparent manner. This simplification and efficiency is helping to speed up economic growth, ultimately changing the lives of millions of Africans. Ler mais »
07 setembro 2016

On 31st August 2016, ICF held its Completion event in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, to mark the end of its activities and celebrate the achievements it has attained since 2007. With over 73 projects implemented in 9 years, ICF’s work has made it easier for businesses to operate in 36 African countries. Ler mais »
06 setembro 2016

Damte Tariku has been trading coffee at the Ethiopia Commodities Exchange since 2012. He works for S. Sara Coffee Export Enterprise, a family-ran business, which exports more than 40 containers of coffee each month to Asia, Europe and America. Although S. Sara owns four coffee farms, it still needs to buy coffee from other suppliers to supplement its export volumes. Ler mais »
01 julho 2016

Starting a business can be a cumbersome, lengthy and often expensive process. Many countries’ business registration processes involve bureaucratic systems which often rely on manual procedures. These lengthy processes can gradually hinder and discourage entrepreneurs from opening a business. Ler mais »
01 julho 2016

According to the 2016 World Bank Doing Business Report, when a country’s business registration and licencing processes are not simple, business owners might choose to run their business without the appropriate licensing. The establishment of online registration platforms, including digital forms of identification such as electronic signatures, is a good way to modernise business registration and licensing processes. Such platforms provide greater access to businesses and help to reduce time and costs associated with registering and licencing a business. Ler mais »
31 maio 2016

Most small business owners in Africa are competing for business in an increasingly competitive global environment and entering into agreements with third parties is a business norm for those wanting to succeed. However, when one party or the other fails to keep the promises that were agreed on, disputes arise and it is vital for business continuity that all disputes are resolved in an effective and timely matter. This is why Alternative Dispute Resolution plays a critical role in promoting business activities in Africa. Ler mais »
31 maio 2016

Contract enforcement refers to the systems and processes involved in being able to get a contract enforced through legal action. Proper contract enforcement practices enhance the predictability of commercial relationships and reduce uncertainty by assuring businesses and individuals that their contractual rights will be upheld by local courts. Ler mais »
03 maio 2016

It is evident that successful integration into the world economy increasingly depends on the realization of a series of complex measures that fall under the heading of trade facilitation. During a World Trade Organisation Roundtable in Kenya last year, Anabel Gonzales, Senior Director of the World Bank Group Global Practice on Trade and Competitiveness, said that these measures include anything from institutional and regulatory reform to customs and port efficiency and are inherently far more intricate and costly to implement. Ler mais »
03 maio 2016

Cargo delays at African ports are one of the major obstacles to trade in Africa and in turn hinders economic development on the continent. When cargo spends too much time at ports while waiting for clearance for export or import, it increases the costs for traders, businesses, and ultimately the consumer. Ler mais »
03 maio 2016

On 29th April 2016, ICF and the Government of Rwanda celebrated the successful completion of four projects aimed at improving the business environment in Rwanda. Ler mais »
31 março 2016

The Seychelles Government has launched a national Public Private Partnership (PPP) policy with the aim of increasing private sector participation in the provision of public infrastructure and services in the country. The policy provides a framework for Government and the private sector to interact in partnership arrangements that are mutually beneficial to both sides. Ler mais »
31 março 2016

During the past few years the topic of land registration in Africa has been addressed numerous times. Recently, the Ethiopian Urban Development and Construction Affairs Standing Committee pressed for sound land registration systems in the country, to maximise efforts to upgrade the documentation of land registration systems. Ler mais »
31 março 2016

In 2008 it used to take about 235 days to register land property in Sierra Leone due to laborious manual processes of recording land titles. Information about land was submitted by members of the public and stored as hardcopy paper archives resulting in long delays and high costs which in turn caused reluctance among commercial banks to accept property as a form of collateral for credit. Ler mais »
29 fevereiro 2016

The economic foundations of the West African country of Senegal include industries encompassing agriculture, natural resources and commodities, while tourism and the hospitality industry are also growing in importance. Against this relatively diverse economic background, ICF, together with the Government of Senegal, has been particularly involved in projects in the areas of customs modernisation to facilitate trade across borders, tax reform and construction permits. Ler mais »
29 fevereiro 2016

A RGD - Registrar General's Department (Conservatória de Registo Geral) é responsável pelo registo e arquivo de todos os documentos relacionados com bens e propriedades nas Maurícias. Estes incluem os documentos relacionados com transacções de bens móveis e imóveis. Ler mais »
29 fevereiro 2016

Around the world, governments and multinational corporations are increasingly setting their sights on Africa as a new frontier for doing business. Potential investors want to understand where and how to invest in the most rewarding and efficient manner. Ler mais »
02 fevereiro 2016

A business goes through several stages of its life cycle, from inception to registration, expansion and finally closure. In each of these stages, businesses have to interact with various government institutions, like business registration bureaus and licensing bodies. The Rwanda Business Lifecycle Project set out to improve the services that the Government of Rwanda provides to businesses at each stage. Ler mais »
02 fevereiro 2016

In 2016 we enter our ninth year of helping to foster a positive business environment across the African continent. At ICF we believe that the private sector plays a key role in boosting economic growth, through the production of goods and services, and distributing wealth through wage earning jobs – both of which are crucial in helping countries to develop and fight poverty. Ler mais »
26 janeiro 2016

William Asiko, presidente do Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF), discursará na 10ª Cimeira Comercial Bienal EUA-África em Adis Abeba, na Etiópia, que se realizará de 1 a 4 de Fevereiro de 2016. É a primeira vez que a cimeira tem lugar em Adis Abeba. Ler mais »
25 janeiro 2016

Segunda-feira, 25 de Janeiro de 2016, Lusaca — O Projecto 'Local Sourcing for Partnerships - LSP' do COMESA Business Council’s (CBC) (Conselho Empresarial COMESA), apoiado pelo Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF), USAID e pelo sector privado, proporcionará a primeira acção de formação do género na Zâmbia para 80 fornecedores de produtos alimentares sobre normas de qualidade e segurança nos alimentos. Esta acção de formação realizar-se-á de 25 a 28 de Janeiro de 2016 no Taj Pamodzi Hotel, em Lusaca, Zâmbia. Ler mais »


15 dezembro 2015

As this year draws to a close, it is heartening to look back on some of ICF’s projects completed during 2015 and reflect on the ways in which these diverse works are continuing to improve the continent’s business environment and, in the process, boosting the growth of Africa’s private sector. Ler mais »
15 dezembro 2015

African leaders are working together more and more to drive economic growth and strengthen institutions in order to help the continent’s peoples grow and prosper. With an understanding that collaboration is crucial in encouraging Africa’s continued economic expansion, ICF is working with African governments and the private sector to implement practical solutions in the infrastructure facilitation sector that deliver tangible results. Ler mais »
15 dezembro 2015

From cooking oil to cars, Sao Tome and Principe, a small island state in the Gulf of Guinea, imports a lot ofits consumables. Over 90% of these imports go through the Sao Tome port. As part of the goods clearing process, importers have to engage with different government border agencies in order to clear their cargo. Ler mais »
26 novembro 2015

On 21st November 2015, the Kenya Trade Network Agency (KenTrade) opened its new trade facilitation centre in Mombasa. Ler mais »
26 novembro 2015

Taxation is an important part of the way governments generate the income they need to deliver services as well as develop their economies. The taxation landscape on the African continent is constantly changing and with new technologies and systems it is becoming more efficient. Ler mais »
26 novembro 2015

The Mauritius Registrar-General’s Department (RGD) has beaten stiff competition from 52 contestants to win the Grand Prize of the Public Service Excellence Award (PSEA), together with the award for Innovation and Improvement. This winning witnessed RGD scooping a cash prize of 150, 000 Mauritian Rupees (approximately USD 4,023.61). Ler mais »
17 novembro 2015

As a continent, Africa has been making itself significantly more investor-friendly for some years now. The recently published World Bank Group report, Doing Business 2016: Measuring Regulatory Quality and Efficiency, has found that Sub-Saharan African economies are among the world’s top improvers of business climate. According to the report, Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Mauritania and Benin are in the top ten list of the most improved countries worldwide as regards reforms that make it easier to do business. Ler mais »
11 novembro 2015

Andrew Karabassis is the Managing Director of Costbuild Limited, a construction company located in Ndola, Zambia. The demanding nature of his business requires him to spend a lot of time on site, leaving little time for Andrew to physically visit Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) offices for his tax matters. Ler mais »
11 novembro 2015

Eliba Kazimzuri is an entrepreneur who is actively engaged in animal and poultry husbandry. She manages a total of 2,400 cattle, pigs, chicken and ducks, in Kibaha, Tanzania. Operating as a micro enterprise in the informal sector, Eliba was unable to secure reliable business funding to expand her business, thus failed to increase her productivity and employ more workers. Ler mais »
11 novembro 2015

The flower business is a time sensitive enterprise, as Juliana Rono, Sales and Marketing Manager at Karen Roses, can testify. One of Kenya’s major exporters of cut flowers, Karen Roses exports over 6 tons of flowers daily to Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, and United Kingdom. The perishable nature of flowers means time is of the essence for them. Ler mais »
30 outubro 2015

ICF has been working with governments across Africa to modernize their taxation systems in order to make them work more efficiently for both the private sector and the tax administrators. Ler mais »
29 outubro 2015

Rwanda Revenue Authority now processes taxes by the click of the mouse, allowing the business community to file and pay taxes instantaneously. Ler mais »
29 outubro 2015

To help improve the investment climate in Cape Verde, ICF partnered with the Government of Cape Verde and the African Development Bank to create a tax administration system that is simpler, more efficient and customer service oriented. Ler mais »
12 outubro 2015

On Thursday 8th October 2015 Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister Debretsion Gebremichael launched the eTrading Platform, along with an eTrading Centre, at the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) in Addis Ababa. The Platform ushers in a new era of electronic trading of commodities in Ethiopia. Gone are the days of flashing hand signals at the trading pit. Ler mais »
09 outubro 2015

(Addis Ababa, 8 October 2015) - Ethiopia Commodity Exchange announced today the inauguration of its revolutionary eTRADE Platform located at its headquarters on Chad Street. The ECX also made public the introduction of a new consolidated coffee grading system for the coming harvest season. Furthermore, the Exchange’s enhanced SMS/IVR market data dissemination platform was launched on the same day. Ler mais »
25 setembro 2015

There’s an old saying that notes the importance of sharing skills using the analogy of fishing. It goes like this: if you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day but teach him to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life. The same applies to capacity building - strengthening the ability of people, organizations and countries to adapt and thrive enables them to develop and move forward Ler mais »
25 setembro 2015

Access to financial services and markets is an important building block of any economy. Not only does it assist the all-important small business sector on the continent but it helps strengthen the private sector, increase investor confidence, and bring important benefits to businesses of all sizes. ICF’s work in this field ranges from education about financial services all the way to modernizing commodity exchanges and improving access to these services. Each of them have an important role to play in a country’s development. Ler mais »
09 setembro 2015

On 3rd September 2015, the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) held a certification ceremony for Electronic Trading Trainees. The aim of the ceremony was to certify 371 traders who undertook training on the electronic trading system. The system was introduced under the ECX Modernization project. Co-funded by the Government of Ethiopia and the Investment Climate Facility for Africa, the project aims to improve trading efficiency, services, and stakeholder access to commodity trading in Ethiopia. Ler mais »
28 agosto 2015

ICF has been working with a number of African governments to improve the business environment by making it easier for businesses to register and obtain operational licenses. These improvements have helped to reduce bureaucracy and delays leading to greater efficiency in the provision of these services on the side of government, and a reduction of time and costs on the side of businesses. Ler mais »
28 agosto 2015

Business registration and licensing is an important conduit to creating a thriving and robust business sector. It enables businesses, particularly small ones, to gain access to funding and to certain protections by the law. It also helps formalize the economy as registered businesses pay tax and deliver other important benefits to the economy, like job creation. Ler mais »
28 agosto 2015

Like for any business owner, time for Kefa Angwenyi is money. And wasted time means wasted money – and wasted opportunities. As the Managing Director of an architectural firm called Neocracft, the ability to plan construction projects and deliver to clients on an agreed timeframe is crucial. Ler mais »
03 agosto 2015

Recently, the Kigali International Arbitration Centre (KIAC) and the Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF) celebrated the closing ceremony of the Alternative Dispute Resolution project. Ler mais »
30 julho 2015

Kigali, July 30th 2015 - Kigali International Arbitration Centre (KIAC) marked the successful implementation and the official closing of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Project (ADRP) at KIAC's newly unveiled office located in Nyarutarama. This project was implemented in cooperation between the Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF), Government of Rwanda (GoR), Rwanda Private Sector Federation (PSF) and KIAC. Ler mais »
30 julho 2015

ICF partners with governments across Africa to improve the business environment in partner countries. In our previous blog we explored the importance of contract enforcement in terms of meeting this objective and the various ways in which we achieve this. In this blog we will explore various case studies of work that ICF has completed on contract enforcement. Ler mais »
30 julho 2015

According to the World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2015, the freedom of contract is the ability of adults and groups— such as corporations and other legal entities— to freely decide whether to enter into an enforceable agreement and to determine the rights and obligations of their bargain. What we can infer from this statement is that the enforcement of contracts is critical to this process. Ler mais »
29 julho 2015

Ready access to commercial justice is crucial for any enterprise as it enables them to resolve commercial disputes quickly and efficiently. It also gives business owners the confidence to engage in commercial activities as they are assured of quick resolutions should any disputes arise. Ler mais »
26 junho 2015

In our previous blog titled Enhancing trade facilitation in Africa - when borders cease to become barriers for economic growth, we discussed trade facilitation in Africa, specifically how intra-African trade has the immense potential to unlock economic development in African countries. Ler mais »
24 junho 2015

Trade facilitation – the simplification, harmonisation, standardisation and modernisation of procedures and associated information flows required to move goods across borders – is an important enabler of economic growth. Trade facilitation reduces the time, cost and other related barriers to t rading between countries. Furthermore, trade facilitation also helps to maintain the integrity of borders by ensuring that the relevant laws and regulations are followed. Ler mais »
23 junho 2015

Eliba Kazimzuri is an entrepreneur who is actively engaged in animal and poultry husbandry. She manages a total of 2,400 cattle, pigs, chicken and ducks, in Kibaha, Tanzania. Operating as a micro enterprise in the informal sector, Eliba was unable to secure reliable business funding to expand her business, thus failed to increase her productivity and employ more workers. Ler mais »
02 junho 2015

On 28th May 2015 ICF and the African Development Bank held a joint event to promote investment climate reforms in Africa. The event, titled "Investment Climate: The Journey so Far", was held as part of the African Development Bank's Annual Meetings which took place in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, from 25th to 29th May 2015. Ler mais »
29 abril 2015

Being able to properly register land is crucial in any economy, and has far reaching impact. It enables property owners to secure their right to their land. It enables companies to protect the ownership of their operating premises and makes them feel confident to operate, expand, create more jobs and engage in greater economic activity. Ler mais »
29 abril 2015

Over the last few decades, it has become increasingly recognised by economists and policymakers that prosperity and property rights - defined as laws created by governments in regards to how individuals can control, benefit from and transfer property - are inextricably linked. Individuals and businesses will create new forms of property to generate wealth only when they are assured that their rights to their property will protect them against unjust or unlawful actions by other parties. Ler mais »
29 abril 2015

Anthony Hategekimana, a local businessman in Nyagatare District in the Eastern Province of Rwanda, is an enterprising man. A father of three, he runs a flour mill, a woodwork shop and cultivates fruits that he sells locally in his District, in the country’s capital city Kigali, and in a major market at the Rwanda border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ler mais »
16 abril 2015

From the 21st to 25th March 2015, the Kigali International Arbitration Centre (KIAC) held a training on adjudication in Kigali, Rwanda. The training brought together 60 professionals from various disciplines including engineers, lawyers, surveyors, and contractors from Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. Ler mais »
09 abril 2015

Clearing goods through Customs in Tanzania was a lengthy and costly process. Systems were fragmented, documents had to be manually exchanged across a variety of organizations and agencies, and there was a general lack of coordination between regulatory agencies. Ler mais »
30 março 2015

Our previous blog looked into the subject of doing business in Africa and highlighted the successes of a few African countries as measured by the World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2015. For this article we wanted to unpack doing business in the continent and provide an understanding of how ICF’s priority areas and related projects are helping our partner countries improve their investment climate through business friendly regulations and systems. These priority areas include business registration and licensing, property rights and contract enforcement, tax and customs, financial markets and lastly, infrastructure facilitation. Ler mais »
25 março 2015

On 23rd March 2015 ICF and the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) signed an Agreement for the Tanzania Investment Window project. The Project will expand, consolidate and promote the Tanzania Investment Window in order to increase investments in Tanzania. Ler mais »
25 março 2015

Hoje, o Centro de Investimento da Tanzânia (CIT) e a Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF) assinaram um acordo no valor de US$ 950,000 para um projecto que tem como objectivo aumentar os investimentos no país, através da expansão, consolidação e impulsão da Janela de Investimento da Tanzânia. Ler mais »
02 março 2015

Painting a picture on the current state of affairs of the business environment in Africa is no easy task. It takes a lot of work in order to gather relevant data and information that supports the realities on the ground. This reality is, to a large extent, influenced by many micro and macro factors and is often very different from country to country. Ler mais »
16 fevereiro 2015

As 2015 starts and the continent begins to get a new year underway we at ICF too have begun the year with two strong objectives we aim to deliver on in 2015. These objectives stem from our overarching goal of creating a continent that is a better place to do business. We do this by working with African governments, private sector and development partners on projects that break down barriers for investment and enhance economic prospects for the continent Ler mais »
21 janeiro 2015

For many entrepreneurs, starting a business is about necessity. The decision is not about building on a skill or an innovation – it is about putting food on the table for families and communities. In light of this reality, if starting a business is difficult or expensive, then this impedes the potential to change the livelihoods of millions and the important economic development that a robust small business sector creates. Ler mais »


11 dezembro 2014

In less than five years, Africa has risen to become the second most attractive investment destination in the world, tied with Asia, this according to the Ernst & Young 2014 Africa attractiveness survey. Ler mais »
03 dezembro 2014

With energy infrastructure attracting major investments across Africa, especially in the continent’s renewable energy potential, the challenge to Governments is to ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills to implement such projects. Ler mais »
21 novembro 2014

Over the last 12 years, the average Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in 14 of Africa’s 16 most-competitive economies has grown from US$681 to US$1,810, according to a February 2014 report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) titled The Africa Financial Services Journal. By 2020, this figure is expected to rocket to US$7,320 and PwC predicts this should increase the proportion of people who make use of financial market institutions, such as stock exchanges. Ler mais »
19 novembro 2014

Rwanda has set its sights on developing its infrastructure to boost its economy. This is evidenced in its 2014/2015 budget, which focuses on infrastructure to accelerate export growth. Ler mais »
30 outubro 2014

Africa’s “biggest threat” to its economies has the potential to be turned into its greatest ally if government policies, training for workers and regulations are improved to attract investment into the energy production sector. Ler mais »
08 outubro 2014

On average, African businesses have the highest total tax rate as a percentage of profit at 52.9%; spend 320 hours complying with tax processes per quarter; and deal with 36 payments per year. Ler mais »
29 setembro 2014

In April 2014, Nigeria officially became what most people had known for quite some time - the largest economy in Africa. Ler mais »
29 setembro 2014

The Oxford English Dictionary defines philanthropy as; “the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes”. Ler mais »
29 setembro 2014

Turning tax administration from a manual process to an online one for an entire African country may appear daunting, but Governments could reap the revenue and time-saving benefits it brings. Ler mais »
25 setembro 2014

Andrew Karabassis é o Director da Costbuild Limited, uma empresa de construção localizada em Ndola, na Zâmbia. Ler mais »
15 setembro 2014

O negócio das flores é uma empresa sensível em termos de tempo, como Juliana Rono, gerente de vendas e marketing da Karen Roses, pode testemunhar. Ler mais »
02 setembro 2014

The President of the Republic of Mozambique, Armando Emilio Guebuza, has launched the Integrated Platform for Services to Citizens. Ler mais »
25 agosto 2014

Africa is a land of opportunity for business, declares Donald Kaberuka, President of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB). Home to 6 of the top 10 fastest growing countries in the world, Africa’s vast investment potential has never been more attractive. Ler mais »
19 junho 2014

It is understood now that in order to have growth, it is imperative to have investment from the private sector. Be it foreign direct investment or domestic capital, a flourishing private sector creates jobs, expands markets and increases government revenue thereby enabling government to provide better services. This was the theme of the opening remarks by H.E. Benjamin Mkapa, former president of Tanzania and Co-Chair of the ICF Board of Trustees, at the joint ICF and Africa Development Bank (AfDB) session on “Harnessing the Investment Climate”. Ler mais »
19 junho 2014

Multinational companies are rapidly warming to the idea of expanding their businesses into Africa, especially to sub-Saharan markets - despite the considerable challenges common in emerging economies. Ler mais »
17 junho 2014

O Centro Internacional de Arbitragem de Kigali (KIAC) realizou a sua segunda conferência de arbitragem, em Kigali, Ruanda, entre 25 e 27 de Maio de 2014. Ler mais »
17 junho 2014

From the 22nd to 25th of May 2014 the Tunisia Stock Exchange (TSE) held a specialized exhibition on stock exchanges and financial services called Investia. The event aimed to demystify capital markets and promote them as an alternative avenue for businesses, especially micro, small and medium enterprises, to raise capital for their ventures. Ler mais »
17 junho 2014

The Rwanda Natural Resources Authority has launched a country-wide awareness campaign to promote greater registration of land transactions in Rwanda and ensure good use of land resources. Ler mais »
17 junho 2014

International investors, representatives of international and regional organisations, and African leaders from government and civil society, who attended the World Economic Forum on Africa in Abuja, Nigeria last month are seeking to translate the region’s economic promise and youthful demographics into employment opportunities and poverty reduction. Ler mais »
17 junho 2014

DIRECTOR-General of the Nigeria Employers Consultative Association (NECA), Segun Osinowo, on Monday said the informal sector was key to the promotion of social economic development of Nigeria. Ler mais »
17 junho 2014

Excessive bureaucracy is every business person’s nightmare. To their credit, the East African Community (EAC) governments are very aware of this and have been making urgent efforts to ease the burden. Ler mais »
17 junho 2014

Africa currently makes up less than 0.5% of commercial real estate investments, but international capital is beginning to move in as investors seek to access the continent's growth prospects. Ler mais »
17 junho 2014

African youth are increasingly being urged to venture into business and create jobs. Whether out of passion or for survival, many young people are heeding the call to pursue entrepreneurship. Ler mais »
17 junho 2014

Accra (Ghana), Casablanca (Morocco) and Freetown (Sierra Leone) have been ranked as the African cities with populations over 1m that have the highest potential for inclusive growth on the continent, according to the 2014 MasterCard African Cities Growth Index (ACGI). Ler mais »
17 junho 2014

Kenya’s government is currently considering the final iteration of a bill that would establish three special economic zones (SEZs) within the country. The SEZs will allow lower levels of taxation and fewer regulatory hurdles, and will focus primarily on industrial activity, in particular textile production. The SEZ bill is part of a broader initiative to boost the manufacturing sector, diversify the country’s exports and encourage the creation of up to 1m industrial jobs annually. Ler mais »
17 junho 2014

Movement of goods across East Africa will become much faster later this year as the region moves to complete one-stop border posts (OSBP) within the Community. Ler mais »
17 junho 2014

Kenya’s new development strategy will see the World Bank Group spend up to US$4bn over the next five years to see it to fruition. Ler mais »
16 maio 2014

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda officially launched Kenya’s National Single Window System on 2nd May 2014 in Nairobi at a ceremony witnessed by leaders from four African nations. Ler mais »
16 maio 2014

The eyes and ears of anyone interested in Africa’s development were on the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa which took place in Abuja, Nigeria between 7th and 9th May 2014. Ler mais »
16 maio 2014

The President, who was accompanied by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, said free movement of people, goods and services would increase intra-Africa trade and help the continent achieve its development targets. “Lack of political will and negative perception should not be allowed to undermine Africa’s integration and economic growth,” President Kenyatta said. Ler mais »
16 maio 2014

The East African Community Secretariat has today signed a cooperation programme worth 2.3 million Euros with the European Union (EU) to improve Maritime Security and create a favourable environment for the economic development in the region. Ler mais »
16 maio 2014

Over 300 small scale enterprises in Dar es Salaam and Mwanza regions have been formalised after their owners received training organised by the Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF) last year recently. Ler mais »
16 maio 2014

The World Economic Forum has released a new report on regional infrastructure development in Africa. Managing Transnational Infrastructure Programmes in Africa – Challenges and Best Practices, released in collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group, serves as a guide for policy-makers, sponsors and managers to help facilitate the delivery of transnational infrastructure programmes on schedule, at cost and at a high quality. Ler mais »
16 maio 2014

VENTURES AFRICA – Belgian company, Préfarail has signed an agreement with Cameroon for the construction of a tramway – a public transport vehicle running on rails – in the country’s capital, Yaoundé. Ler mais »
16 maio 2014

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) is expected to publish regulations that will guide the issuance of municipal bonds this month, clearing way for districts to start raising development funds through the stock market. Ler mais »
16 maio 2014

While international trends are often mirrored in Africa, the unique operating environment and challenges on the continent result in some very interesting applications in the business technology space. Ler mais »
16 maio 2014

Around this time every year, I often get asked the same question; isn't the World Economic Forum just one big talking shop? It's a fair one. Once every twelve months, leaders from politics, business and civil society gather in a given city, congesting the roads and raising CO2 levels with all their talk. Ler mais »
16 maio 2014

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is to visit four countries in Africa on his first tour of the continent since assuming his position a little over a year ago, seeking to nurture a booming economic relationship. Ler mais »
16 maio 2014

Jacqueline Musiitwa is the founder and managing partner of the Hoja Law Group, a firm started in 2008 that advises on commercial, political and intellectual property law for companies doing business in Africa. The firm has offices in New York and Kigali and primarily focuses on markets in eastern and southern Africa. Ler mais »
09 abril 2014

Businesses in Tanzania will soon enjoy a simpler and more transparent goods clearing process, thanks to a new customs clearing system. Ler mais »
09 abril 2014

Taxpayers in Rwanda are reaping great benefits from an electronic tax filing and payment system (e-tax) which was launched in 2012 with ICF support. Ler mais »
09 abril 2014

Practical. That’s the term the CEO of the Rwanda Development Board, Ambassador Valentine Sendanyoye Rugwabiza, used to describe ICF support to business registration in Rwanda. Ler mais »
08 abril 2014

LAGOS - A Nigerian court on Thursday barred the Lagos state government from collecting toll on a major suspension bridge on the ground that it was built with public funds. Ler mais »
08 abril 2014

Economic and trade co-operation between Morocco and Mali is moving toward concrete steps. Ler mais »
08 abril 2014

The Nigeria Customs Service has announced plans to embark on joint border patrol with its counterparts in neighbouring countries to promote security and trade in West and Central Africa. Ler mais »
08 abril 2014

East African Community Headquarters, Arusha, Tanzania, 28th March 2014: Senior officials from South African Customs Union (SACU) together with their counterpart EAC concluded a two- day meeting aimed at benchmarking similar activities, learn the best practices and share ideas at the EAC Headquarters in Arusha ,Tanzania. Ler mais »
08 abril 2014

SOUTH Africa's trade balance, which now includes trade with Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland, recorded a R1.72bn surplus in February from a R16.93bn (revised from R17.05bn) deficit in January, South African Revenue Service (SARS) customs and excise data showed on Monday. Ler mais »
08 abril 2014

UAP Group, posted strong financial performance in 2013 driven by profitable growth of its core insurance business and execution of its regional diversification strategy. Ler mais »
08 abril 2014

AFRICA's relatively untapped insurance market offers a vast opportunity for firms in both mature and emerging-market countries, a report by A.M Best has said. Ler mais »
08 abril 2014

West African aluminium can manufacturer GZ Industries (GZI) is hoping to ride on increasing consumption of drinks to expand its business across Africa. The continent is tipped to become the world’s fastest growing beer market, according to a study by Dutch multinational banking and financial services group Rabobank. Ler mais »
08 abril 2014

African countries are catching the eye of international investors as growth decelerates in India, China and Brazil. Ler mais »
08 abril 2014

With the world increasingly seeing Africa as the preferred investment destination, France has launched the French-African Foundation for Growth, a new initiative designed to renew economic ties between the European nation and the African continent. Ler mais »
08 abril 2014

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, March 31, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The Africa Group (TAG), the US-based boutique advisor and venture capital investor, today announces a 25% stake in Telemed Medical Services (Telemed), an Ethiopian engineering consultancy specializing in health system design and implementation within the Ethiopian healthcare sector. Telemed's work is geared to optimize and reinforce limited health resources in Ethiopia, a country where the doctor-to-patient ratio is ~1:30,000 and 80% of the population lives over 5 kilometers from the nearest health center. Ler mais »
08 abril 2014

ZAMBIA will this week host a high-level investment and trade seminar for Zambian and Chinese firms at one of the Multi Facility Economic Zones (MFEZs) in Lusaka. Ler mais »
08 abril 2014

GlaxoSmithKline is poised to announce a multimillion pound investment in Sub-Saharan Africa to step up its presence in the region, the Telegraph can reveal. Ler mais »
08 abril 2014

According to Leila Farah El-Mokaddem, the African Development Bank's new Resident Representative in Egypt, "the economic empowerment of women is a hidden opportunity for our continent. Women constitute what we call 'smart economics.' By expanding income generation to both women and men, families are collectively better off, while the economy is more productive resulting in an overall win-win situation." Ler mais »
08 abril 2014

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a US$ 125-million Line of Credit (LOC) to Zenith Bank PLC (Zenith) for on-lending to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria. Ler mais »
08 abril 2014

East African Community, Commerce and Tourism Cabinet Secretary Phyllis Kandie has called for more investment of equity fund in the small and micro-enterprise (SME) sector to boost economic growth. Ler mais »
08 abril 2014

SCAHMFAD (School of Catering, Hotel Management and Fashion Design) of Latrikunda-German in KMD has won a competition for promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in education and confronting youth unemployment in Africa. Ler mais »
08 abril 2014

According to the International Monetary Fund’s Perspectives on Youth Employment in the Arab World report, unemployment in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region is the highest in the world and is largely a youth phenomenon. Overall unemployment is approximately 10%, but the youth rate stands at almost 25%. Ler mais »
10 março 2014

There are two economic realities on the African continent today. You will find the first one in World Bank, IMF and Africa Development Bank reports – and in articles across the globe about ‘Africa Rising’. This reality depicts Africa as a continent that is forging ahead – onwards and upwards. And some of the world’s best performing economies are indeed in Africa, such as Angola and Mozambique, which are growing at an extractive-powered rate of knots. Meanwhile, other southern African states are also surging ahead – with Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) growing at speeds not seen in a very long time. Ler mais »
10 março 2014

Insufficient electricity in Rwanda is number one challenge and opportunity for investors, the head of a US Government body that supports American investors overseas has said. Ler mais »
10 março 2014

The President of Microsoft International, Jean-Philippe Courtois has disclosed that the Devices and Services company, Microsoft has invested $75 million in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and other African countries in the areas of access, innovation, skills development, youth empowerment; software development; digital curriculum, skills among others. Ler mais »
10 março 2014

THE gains that made Uganda’s shilling the second-best-performing currency in Africa this year are evaporating after President Yoweri Museveni imposed harsher penalties on gay and lesbian people. Ler mais »
10 março 2014

Efficiency in revenue collection at the grassroots could be boosted after Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) took over the work from local governments. Ler mais »
10 março 2014

Botswana and Namibia will sign a deal at the end of this month to develop a 1,500-kilometer (932-mile) railway for transporting coal exports to the port of Walvis Bay, according to the Botswana Chamber of Mines. Ler mais »
10 março 2014

Public sector lawyers involved in drafting of the extractives sector laws and policies in the region will next week undergo training to improve their negotiation and policy-making skills. Ler mais »
10 março 2014

The Turkish Kitchenware sector is working to increase its trade investment inflow in Ghana through partnerships with Ghanaian industrialists within the next five years. Ler mais »
10 março 2014

Ethiopia and Uganda have pledged to join the Comesa free trade area (FTA) by December, raising hopes of higher trade volumes for Kenya and the region. Ler mais »
10 março 2014

William Asiko, ICF Chief Executive Officer, recently paid a visit to Senegal to see firsthand how ICF support is helping to improve the investment climate in the country. Ler mais »
10 março 2014

The Mayor of Kigali, Fidele Ndayisaba, has commended ICF support in making it easier for the private sector and members of the public to obtain construction permits in the City of Kigali. Ler mais »
10 março 2014

The Mauritius Registrar of Companies is making it easier for businesses to register and file statutory information of their businesses, thanks to support from ICF. Ler mais »
10 março 2014

Family businesses control a significant portion of Africa’s economy. While family businesses are quite common across the continent, only a handful of them enjoy longevity. The survival rate of most African family businesses beyond the founder’s generation is extremely low. For example, the late Nigerian business mogul Moshood Kashimawo Abiola, who at one point was believed to be one of the wealthiest men in Africa, successfully built one of Nigeria’s biggest business empires consisting of an airline, a chain of newspapers, extensive real estate, fisheries and retail. After his death in 1998, his businesses crumbled. None of them exist today. Ler mais »
10 fevereiro 2014

The Ministry of Finance and Planning in partnership with the Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF) and the African Development Bank (AfDB) has today officially launched a new project in Cabo Verde to modernise tax administration and make the tax system simple, efficient and more customer service oriented in order to improve the investment climate in Cabo Verde. Ler mais »
07 fevereiro 2014

Watch this short video to see exactly how ICF is transforming the investment climate across Africa in a meaningful way. It showcases a variety of successful projects that are making a positive impact for business in Africa. Ler mais »
07 fevereiro 2014

Os contribuintes no Senegal podem agora desfrutar de uma experiência totalmente digital. O projecto de Modernização da Administração Tributária, co-financiado pelo governo do Senegal e o Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF) , abordou os desafios enfrentados por empresários e contribuintes no país. Ler mais »
07 fevereiro 2014

2014 brings with it new challenges and opportunities for business owners, all of which need to be incorporated into a business’s plans going forward. This is according to Gerrie van Biljon, executive director of Business Partners Limited, who says business owners should make use of the first few weeks of the New Year to reflect on what worked well in 2013 and what needs to be improved or changed for the year ahead. Ler mais »
07 fevereiro 2014

WHEN Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta laid the foundation stone for the country’s biggest post-independence infrastructure project late last year — a high-speed railway line from the port at Mombasa to Nairobi — he said the scheme would define his political legacy. Ler mais »
07 fevereiro 2014

Libreville — Burkina Faso, benefitting from the close support of the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the World Bank, has successfully become a member of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF). Ler mais »
07 fevereiro 2014

Jean-Claude Béga, the Chief Financial Officer of Mauritius’ largest conglomerate, GML, spoke to AfricaMoney on how the arbitrage between existing operations and new opportunities sets apart a great company from a good one. Ler mais »
07 fevereiro 2014

IBM (IBM.N) began rolling out its Watson supercomputer system across Africa on Thursday, saying it would help to address continental development obstacles as diverse as medical diagnoses, economic data collection and e-commerce research. Ler mais »
07 fevereiro 2014

IT MAY be imprudent to write this about someone who is spending $10m on African journalism. But then, of all the things I have been accused of in my time, prudence was never among them. Ler mais »
07 fevereiro 2014

Japan has promised financial assistance to resource-rich African nations totalling $32 billion (R357bn) for investment in infrastructure and mineral resource development, along with education, health care and human resource development, in its bid to cement relations with the continent. Ler mais »
07 fevereiro 2014

Lately many observers have been avidly discussing the recent high rates of economic growth in Africa. Speaking in Washington earlier this year, Donald Kaberuka, the president of the African Development Bank offered some cautionary words. Ler mais »
07 fevereiro 2014

The potential for agriculture to drive inclusive economic growth, improve food security, and create opportunities for millions of Africans is enormous. Ler mais »
07 fevereiro 2014

Nestled on the southern stretch of the Gulf of Guinea, Gabon, a country of 1.5 million people in an area the size of the U.K. is something of a paradox; Gabon is rich, but does it make sense to do business there? Ler mais »
07 janeiro 2014

Nigeria will overtake South Africa as Africa's largest economy in the next two years, experts predict. But concern is also rising that by not doing “enough” business in Africa, the country is missing an opportunity to benefit from the continent's economic resurgence. Ler mais »
07 janeiro 2014

Rwanda, Jan 7: Revolutionary reforms which have made it easier for small and medium-scaled businesses (SMBs) to get credit, pay tax and deal with construction have militated favourably in Rwanda’s second place on the latest World Bank’s ‘Doing Business’ (DB) report. Ler mais »
06 janeiro 2014

(CNN) -- A Chinese-funded railway project in Kenya could transform transport in east Africa, and strengthen cross-border political and economic ties. Ler mais »
06 janeiro 2014

06 janeiro 2014

In 2001 the world began talking about the Bric countries - Brazil, Russia, India and China - as potential powerhouses of the world economy. The term was coined by economist Jim O'Neill, who has now identified the "Mint" countries - Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey - as emerging economic giants. Ler mais »
04 janeiro 2014

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) managing director Christine Lagarde tells Berna Namata about the EAC partner states’ economic prospects this year and other cross-cutting issues affecting the region ahead of her visit to Kenya on January 6. Ler mais »


27 dezembro 2013

Africa's Richest Man Bets Big on Oil Refinery Ler mais »
18 dezembro 2013

Sub-Saharan Africa lost an estimated 5.7 percent of its GDP over a ten-year period to illicit financial outflows, preventing millions of people in Africa from accessing better health and education, according to a new report by a US-based organization, Global Financial Integrity (GFI). Ler mais »
13 dezembro 2013

Today the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority (ERCA) and the Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF) have signed an Agreement worth US$ 7.3 million to establish an electronic Single Window (eSW) system for international trade. Ler mais »
12 dezembro 2013

The Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) is making preparations to introduce online trading that enables market players to participate directly in trade wherever they are. Ler mais »
05 dezembro 2013

South Africa joins the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa – as the first G20 member. Ler mais »
01 dezembro 2013

Trade facilitation will be in the spotlight at the Ninth World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference in Indonesia in December. A deal, whether in Bali or later, will make it easier for companies worldwide to move their goods across borders. While a multilateral trade facilitation agreement is important for East Africa, the region has already made headway in improving trade facilitation and increasing the competiveness of its exporters. Ler mais »
29 novembro 2013

ICT, vontade política e uma reforma contínua estão entre os factores-chave para garantir que haja um ambiente propício para as empresas poderem registar-se e licenciarem-se mais rapidamente e a baixo custo . Ler mais »
25 novembro 2013

Um projecto bem posicionado para se tornar um centro de excelência. Foram estas as palavras proferidas por William Asiko, CEO do ICF, a propósito do projecto de Capacitação da Bolsa de Valores da Tunísia, aquando da visita recentemente efectuada pela equipa de quadros de gestão superior do ICF. Ler mais »
31 outubro 2013

Doravante os zambianos já não terão de fazer fila na sede da Autoridade Tributária para processar as suas transacções fiscais, já que terão agora diponível a possibilidade de o fazer a partir do conforto das suas próprias casas ou escritórios,desde que tenham acesso à internet. Ler mais »
30 outubro 2013

On the 24th to 25th October 2013, the Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF) in collaboration with the Registrar of Companies and the Registrar General of Mauritius organized a knowledge sharing workshop on business, land and asset registration in Port Louis, Mauritius. Ler mais »
24 outubro 2013

O Investment Climate Facility for Africa, em colaboração com o Registrar of Companies nas Ilhas Maurícias organizou um workshop de partilha de conhecimentos sobre o registo de empresas e activos, a ter lugar nos dias 24-25 de Outubro de 2013, em Port Louis , nas Ilhas Maurícias. Ler mais »
07 outubro 2013

O Conselho de Administração fez uma visita à Magistratura da Tanzânia para comprovar os benefícios que estão a derivar dos tribunais modernizados. Ler mais »
18 setembro 2013

O governo de São Tomé e Príncipe, a International Finance Corporation (parte do Banco Mundial) e o Investment Climate Facility for Africa lançaram conjuntamente um projecto de incentivo ao comércio no Praia Hotel, São Tomé, a 10 de Setembro de 2013. Ler mais »
15 agosto 2013

O governo da República Democrática de São Tomé e Príncipe engajou-se na implementação de um projecto na área do comércio internacional de forma a reduzir os custos relacionados com a importação de mercadorias de e para São Tome e Príncipe. O projecto visa consolidar o actual sistema de gestão aduaneira e implementar um Guichet Único para o Comércio Internacional. Ler mais »
17 junho 2013

Dentro de pouco tempo, será mais fácil importar e exportar bens para as empresas em Burkina Faso, graças a um projecto de Facilitação dos Regimes Aduaneiros que está a ser implementado pelo ICF e pelo governo do Burkina Faso. Ler mais »
11 junho 2013

O Investment Climate Facility for Africa co-organizou no dia 29 de Maio de 2013 um evento com o Banco Africano de Desenvolvimento (BAD), em Marraquexe, Marrocos. Ler mais »
03 junho 2013

As Pequenas e Médias Empresas (PME) são o principal motor do crescimento económico em toda a África. Infelizmente, muitas empresas operam informalmente, devido à falta de informação, a burocracia e os altos custos envolvidos na formalização de um negócio. Ler mais »
29 maio 2013

Durante os dias 24 e 25 de Maio de 2013, decorreu no Centro de Arbitragem de Kigali (KIAC) um workshop sobre arbitragem comercial na região da Comunidade da África Oriental. O evento reuniu advogados, juízes, profissionais e académicos da África Oriental e incidiu sobre o papel dos tribunais nacionais na prestação de justiça comercial. Ler mais »
24 maio 2013

No dia 20 de Maio de 2013, a cidade de Kigali lançou o seu Sistema de Gestão Online de Liçencas de Construção (CPMIS). Ler mais »
21 maio 2013

Uma equipa da Autoridade Tributária da Zâmbia (ZRA) realizou recentemente uma visita de estudo à Autoridade Tributária do Ruanda (RRA), para aprender sobre o seu sistema fiscal online. Ler mais »
10 maio 2013

O Investment Climate Facility for Africa realizou o seu 4º workshop de partilha de conhecimentos em gestão de projectos e contabilidade em Abidjan, Costa do Marfim. Ler mais »
03 maio 2013

O governo da Zâmbia tem vindo a modernizar o seu sistema judicial, graças a uma colaboração com o Investment Climate Facility for Africa. Ler mais »
19 abril 2013

Os co-presidentes do Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF) têm o prazer de anunciar que, após uma pesquisa internacional intensa, William Asiko sucederá a Omari Issa como CEO, com efeito a partir de 1 de Maio de 2013. Ler mais »
11 abril 2013

O Investment Climate Facility for Africa vai realizar um workshop sobre Gestão de Projectos e Contabilidade em Abidjan, Costa do Marfim, nos dias 15 a 17 de Abril de 2013. Ler mais »
05 abril 2013

O governo de Burkina Faso concluíu um projecto com o Investment Climate Facility for Africa que teve como objetivo melhorar os sistemas de registo de propriedade e de negócios. Ler mais »
28 março 2013

The Government of Mauritius has partnered up with the Investment Climate Facility for Africa to modernize its judicial procedures. Ler mais »
22 março 2013

O ICF está a trabalhar com o governo de Moçambique para melhorar a prestação de serviços da administração fiscal, melhorar a informação para os contribuintes e facilitar um portal virtual para que os contribuintes possam apresentar e efectuar o pagamento de impostos online. Ler mais »
15 março 2013

Como parte do projecto, o LCA realizou recentemente uma sessão de formação para a Ordem de Advogados da Nigéria. Ler mais »
08 março 2013

O governo do Ruanda está a implementar um projecto co-financiado pelo Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF) para ajudar a enfrentar os desafios encontrados pelas empresas durante o seu ciclo de vida, tais como começar uma empresa, registar transacções seguras, e a dissolução de uma empresa. Ler mais »
04 março 2013

O Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF) realizou o seu terceiro workshop de partilha de conhecimentos em gestão de projectos e contabilidade, em Joanesburgo, África do Sul , entre 27 de Fevereiro e 1 de Março de 2013. Ler mais »
01 março 2013

O Investment Climate Facility for Africa vai realizar um workshop com o tema “Gestão de Projectos e Contabilidade”, em Joanesburgo, África do Sul, entre os dias 27 de Fevereiro e 1 de Março de 2013. Ler mais »
22 fevereiro 2013

Hoje, a Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira da Etiópia(ERCA) trouxe benefícios significativos para a comunidade empresarial e para a economia do país, através do seu recém-desenvolvido portal online de tributação. Ler mais »
15 fevereiro 2013

Uma equipa do Supremo Tribunal do Ruanda efectuou recentemente uma visita de estudo ao Supremo Tribunal das Maurícias, em particular ao projecto judicial online, que é co-financiado pelo Investment Climate Facility for Africa. Ler mais »
01 fevereiro 2013

Burkina Faso está a inaugurar os seus primeiros tribunais comerciais do país, graças ao apoio do Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF) e do Banco Mundial. Ler mais »
01 fevereiro 2013

The private sector in Togo will now enjoy a fast and transparent commercial justice system, thanks to the strengthening of the Court d’Arbitrage du Togo. This arbitration court provides businesses with an alternative method of solving commercial disputes. Ler mais »
08 janeiro 2013

O Senegal goza agora de um sistema aduaneiro que dispensa o uso de papel, graças a uma parceria frutífera entre o ICF e o governo do Senegal. Esta colaboração ajudou a simplificar e a automatizar totalmente os procedimentos aduaneiros no Senegal. Ler mais »


11 dezembro 2012

O governo da Serra Leoa deu início ao projecto “Transferes do Aeroporto”, cujo objectivo é oferecer serviços de transfer eficientes e de confiança, para passageiros e mercadorias, de e para o aeroporto internacional. Ler mais »
05 dezembro 2012

O governo do Quénia irá melhorar a facilitação do comércio internacional no país, reduzindo não só os atrasos de processamento, mas também os custos associados com o desalfandegamento de mercadorias nas fronteiras do Quénia. Ler mais »
29 novembro 2012

O Ruanda irá melhorar o seu sector de energia, graças a um projecto co-financiado pelo governo do Ruanda e pelo ICF. Ler mais »
27 novembro 2012

O governo de Moçambique assinou um acordo com o ICF para trazer mais melhorias ao processo nacional de licenciamento de empresas na área da indústria, comércio, turismo e outros sectores de menor dimensão. Ler mais »
16 novembro 2012

On the 9th November 2012, the Lagos Court of Arbitration (LCA) was formally launched during the Kuramo Conference in Lagos, Nigeria. Ler mais »
12 novembro 2012

O Governo da Tanzânia, através da Polícia da Tanzânia, lançou um sistema de consulta on-line do banco de dados que será usado para melhorar a circulação e a segurança das mercadorias e serviços transportados ao longo da rodovia que liga Dar es Salaam a Rusumo. Ler mais »
05 novembro 2012

Bolsa de Tunes vai promover o uso do mercado de capitais No dia 28 de Setembro de 2012, a Bolsa de Valores da Tunísia lançou o seu projecto de capacitação e sensibilização - este é co-financiado pelo Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF). Ler mais »
12 outubro 2012

O ICF gostaria de apresentar os seus parabéns à equipa do projecto GAINDE pelo Prémio das Nações Unidas de Serviço Público de 2012, na categoria de "Melhorar a prestação de serviços públicos". Ler mais »
20 setembro 2012

O trabalho do ICF com o governo da Tanzânia, com vista a reduzir barreiras policiais na estrada que liga o porto de Dar es Salaam ao Ruanda, está a trazer alívio às transportadoras. Ler mais »
14 setembro 2012

O ICF está a organizar um workshop sobre justiça comercial que irá decorrer a 13 e 14 de Agosto de 2012 em Lusaca, Zâmbia. Ler mais »
06 setembro 2012

Um workshop de partilha de conhecimentos sobre a justiça comercial foi realizado em Lusaka, na Zâmbia, nos dias 13 e 14 de Agosto de 2012. Ler mais »
23 agosto 2012

O Governo do Burkina Faso está empenhado em melhorar as condições das empresas no país ao aperfeiçoar os serviços para todos os intervenientes envolvidos no registo de licenças para empresas, propriedades e construção nas cidades de Ouagadougou e Bobo-Dioulasso. Ler mais »
01 agosto 2012

Se necessitar de pagar impostos no Ruanda, agora poderá fazê-lo a partir do conforto de sua casa ou escritório, enquanto aprecia um bom café. Ler mais »
11 junho 2012

O ICF realizou a sua segunda Cimeira do Clima de Investimento em Arusha, na Tanzânia entre os dias 28 e 30 de Maio de 2012. O tema da Cimeira deste ano foi "Criando um ambiente de investimento propício para a actual geração africana". Ler mais »
31 maio 2012

O Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF) realizou a sua segunda Investment Climate Summit (cimeira sobre o clima de investimentos) em Arusha, Tanzânia, entre os dias 28 e 30 de Maio de 2012. Ler mais »
28 maio 2012

O workshop de Partilha de Conhecimentos Contabilísticos realizado em Nairobi, no Quénia, entre os dias 25 e 27 de Abril de 2012, foi destinado a ser uma plataforma para troca das melhores práticas nos relatórios, controlo financeiro e acompanhamento de recomendações de auditoria do ICF. Ler mais »
10 maio 2012

As actividades do ICF continuam a repercutirem-se poderosamente em todo o continente. Ler mais »
17 abril 2012

O Investment Climate Facility for África (ICF) tem o orgulho de anunciar que a 1ª fase do projecto GAINDE de automatizacão de processos comerciais foi concluída. Ler mais »
12 março 2012

O ICF, em colaboração com o governo de Burkina Faso, estabeleceu um posto único (one-stop-shop) para a prestação de licenças de construção. Ler mais »
09 março 2012

Departamento O secretário-geral pretende implementar a Maurício eRegistry Project (MERP) para escalar até eServices, aproveitando as mais recentes tecnologias e soluções. Ler mais »
27 fevereiro 2012

O Departamento de Alfândegas e Impostos (CED) das Autoridades Tributárias da Tanzânia (TRA) fez uma parceria com o Investment Climate Facility (ICF) com vista a modernizar a administração aduaneira da Tanzânia. Ler mais »
17 fevereiro 2012

A Autoridade Tributária do Ruanda (RRA) vai inaugurar um sistema online para declaração de impostos e pagamentos. Ler mais »
20 janeiro 2012

O governo das Maurícias está determinado a modernizar o Registo de Empresas. Ler mais »
06 janeiro 2012

O governo do Mali, em parceria com o Investment Climate Facility for Africa, conseguiu melhorar o processo de resolução de disputas fiscais no país do oeste africano Ler mais »
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